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Simple offerings, big paydays…

After my twins were born, I was craving to dramatically simplify my business.

But it felt a bit scary, to be honest. While everyone else was raving about their 14-step marketing funnels and complex online programs, I took a “sharp right turn” and decided to focus solely on my love — and gift — of being a powerful coach and consultant.

One of the key elements I decided to highlight was “VIP Days”, which are simply one-day intensives done with individuals or small groups, in person or virtual.

I love VIP Days, because not only are they life-changing for my clients, but I truly enjoy them. And I can offer them while we travel to match our family’s portable lifestyle and income goals throughout the year.

My clients love hosting their own VIP days as well. I’ve helped clients add these to their business models and charge between $3K – $20K per day package, depending on their type of business, clients, and other factors.

I’ve seen VIP days work in all kinds of categories: business coaching, life coaching, executive consulting, fitness, wellness… even fashion and style.           

But here’s what you need to know:

Many coaches and consultants think they need a big list or launch to get started and charge well for these types of days, but you don’t.

And I’ve been getting many questions lately about how to offer VIP days, what to charge, and how to sell them.

So last week I called my good friend and longtime client Kendall SummerHawk, who has VIP days down to a science. 

I said, “Hey, do you want to host a call with me on this topic? I think it would be a lot of fun.”

She said “Ooooo, I’d love to!”

And so we are.

Come join us for a fun, free, and VERY content-packed conversation on how to offer lucrative VIP Days this coming Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 4pm ET.

(The call will also be recorded — just still register here for access.)

Here’s what we’ll be covering on the call:

  • Simple, low-tech ways to use VIP Days to solve the, ‘How do I create cash flow quickly?’ question 

  • How easily VIP Days can give you the laptop lifestyle you love, to work from anywhere in the world 

  • A hour-by-hour schedule you can use immediately for your own VIP Days 

  • How to deliver your expertise in a VIP Day (learn the 4 styles and which works best for you) 

  • Exactly how much $ you can charge for your VIP Day (and own your worth in the process) 

  • PLUS… even a bit of juicy dish on VIP Day mistakes you will definitely want to avoid! (You’ll have a laugh with us on this one.)

If adding revenue in the simplest way possible is a priority for you, I highly recommend joining us to hear how you can apply our behind-the-scenes VIP Day secrets to your business.

I promise you’re going to love what you learn! All content, no B.S.

Register here for this one-time, free training call with me and Kendall happening this coming Tuesday, September 12, at 4pm ET.

Love and success,


P.S.  If you want to learn from the best, THIS is the call, with two true pioneers of the coaching industry who have not only each created their own multi-million dollar businesses, but have created countless success stories as well.

Come learn how you can add VIP days to your offerings — or improve your current VIP day model — here.


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