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Ask Ali: “I want to be a business coach. Should I get certified first?”

Question: “Is it necessary to become certified before starting a coaching business specializing in entrepreneurial athletes? I have an extensive background in business management & development.”

—Valanda Wilson, Vision 2 Success Consulting Group, Upper Marlboro, Md.

Ali’s Answer: “Hi Valanda. Warning: This answer will ruffle some feathers in the coaching industry, but here goes… If you know you can help clients now, and you feel you have a solid background (sounds like it to me!), there is absolutely NO reason to go seek a certification for coaching’s sake. It wouldn’t hurt. But in the end, would this certification really help you work better with clients? You know as well as I there are many “certified” folks out there who couldn’t coach themselves out of a paper bag. And there are brilliant coaches who have built 7-figure businesses and never taken a “coaching” course in their life, let alone become certified in some way.

The only 4 reasons I see for someone to seek out certification in something is if:

1) they truly need additional training because they don’t have enough expertise
2) their clients are seeking only a certified coach (this is rarely the case though)
3) it would give them a more solid system or model to use than coaching freestyle
4) it would make themselves feel more qualified (this is your own head-game here)

But when I am working with most women entrepreneurs, it seems they are looking for an additional degree, certification, or some type of validation that they are qualified to do what they do. This is why for 99% of the business owners I work with, I tell them to STOP procrastinating and instead step out in a BOLD way. Otherwise many women use that extra time to hide behind. They say “I’ll step out in a big way once I have that certification… I’ll step out in a big way once I have a master’s degree… I’ll step out in a big way once I have a PhD…” and it goes on and on.

So, look at the real reasons WHY you want to get certified, and decide if it’s worth it. Your clients are going to be more concerned with the results you can help them achieve more than anything else.

I’d rather have you use the funds you could put toward certification and get help instead with marketing and growing your business. This is where most coaches FLOUNDER, and it’s the engine that will generate you income for years down the road! If you’d like some direction in developing solid, profitable coaching and consulting programs, take a look at my Coaching Business Secrets program here.

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