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Ask Ali: "What Email Programs Do You Suggest For Sending Out Ezines & Newsletters?"

Question: “Hi Ali, What email programs do you suggest? Cooler email just suspended our corporate account because they consider us to be a MLM. We are a Direct Sales skincare company!”
–Michelle Archer, Nouveau, Henderson, Tenn.
Ali’s Answer: “Michelle, thanks for writing, and you’re smart to want to build and communicate with an email list. A friendly way to do this is by publishing an e-zine or email newsletter. While I can’t speak to Cooler Email’s practices, I can surely recommend the best systems from my own experience and that of my hundreds of clients. Here are my top 3 picks for managing your ezines and email lists. All of them are web-based applications, meaning you don’t need to install software onto your computer to use them. (Just make sure you back up your lists at least once a week!)
1. Constant Contact is a great option for just email management, publishing your ezine, etc. And they have super-easy templates you can use too. Constant Contact is all about email and works very well. Many of my clients use them and love it! You can get a FREE 60-day trial here.
2. 1ShoppingCart/AutoWebBusiness is a great option for those of you who need both email management and also an e-commerce solution, meaning you can take payments online, process orders, and keep track of your customers. For most of my clients who truly run an online business, this is a good application for them. It’s one I used for several years as my online dashboard for my business, and it worked great. You can get a 4-week test-drive for only $3.95 here.
3. InfusionSoft is the system I now use. For more robust needs and marketing-centered businesses, this is what I recommend. Their integration and capabilities allow you to use one system for all your marketing and customer-relations management needs. For a growing small business, there comes a time when basic marketing tools just can’t grow with you. That’s what happened to us, and why we moved to InfusionSoft. Their powerful software combines CRM, email marketing, and e-commerce into one integrated system driven by the power of what they call “marketing automation”. Whether you sell online, manage a sales team or anything in between, Infusionsoft can help you convert leads, grow sales and save time. You can see how it can work for you by registering for a live demo here.
If you’d like step-by-step guidance on how to create, publish, and promote your own moneymaking ezine, then check out  “Ezine Marketing Power: How to Use Email Publishing to Attract Hot New Prospects, Win Loyal Customers, and Grow Your Revenues FAST”. In this how-to manual, I’ll walk you through my clear and precise system so you can publish an ezine that builds your list, gets you clients and customers, and makes you money. Get the full scoop here now.
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