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“Only 4 Days to Save on My New Program about Building YOUR Team”

Whether you’re starting your very first business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, there’s one thing you’ve come to realize:

There’s only so much one person can get done in a day.

Just think about your to-do list right now. It’s likely you could easily come up with 20 things to work on for your business

But here’s the good news… there are millions of people ready and able to help support YOU and your business. And once you get help, YOU can focus on making more money, and moving your business forward.

That’s why I’m so excited about my brand new program, “It’s Time to Get Help! How to Find and Work With an Assistant or a Team to Support You and Your Business.”

In this info-packed program, I’ll show you everything you need to find, manage, and motivate a stellar team of independent contractors to full-time salaried employees. PLUS, you’ll get a bonus audio recording of me and my business partner Liz having a no-holds barred conversation about our journey into hiring and managing our super team of 8 full-time employees!

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn with this program:

  • The top hires you need right away that you probably haven’t even thought of (Don’t worry, they don’t have to be fulltime!)
  • Tips for hiring your perfect virtual assistant (VA) to support you and your growth
  • How to craft a compelling job posting that SELLS the position for you, while pre-screening for only high-quality applicants
  • WHERE to look offline and online for virtual assistants, creative professionals, and hard-to-find specialists
  • The EXACT TOOLS I use with my team for project management, file sharing, managing password access, calendaring, and more
  • A MASTER delegating checklist of marketing, managerial, and administrative tasks (You can cherry-pick the ones you need for YOUR business—and hand them off to your new hire as soon as they “clock-in”!)
  • The specific IRS forms you need when working with Independent Contractors and temps, so you can get them set up and working for you in no time
  • What YOU are responsible for when it comes to taxes
  • How you can enlist your kids to help out and SAVE at the same time (You could start funding your child’s college education TODAY with this one tip!)

You don’t have to wait another day to bring in someone to help you grow your business. Get all the details about “It’s Time to Get Help!” here now. (But hurry, it’s yours for only $97 if you act by this Thursday, September 15 at midnight!)

Love and success,

P.S. Trust me, building a team to grow your business doesn’t have to be painful. Let me show you how to do this simply AND affordably. Get all the details here now.

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