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Ask Ali: "What Should My Website's Conversion Rates Be?"

Question: “Hi Ali, what is a good conversion rate? Mine is currently 3% of people landing on my sales page. Do I work for more traffic, or get a page that converts better? Thanks!”
—Amy Roskelley, Super Healthy Kids, Lehi, Utah
Ali’s Answer: “Amy thanks for writing, and this is a great question. So many business owners don’t even track their sales online, or know what you are talking about, which is your sales conversion rate. Simply put, this is the percentage of people who buy from that page. So if you have 100 people visiting your page in a week, and 3 of them buy, your sales conversion rate is 3%. To determine this you need to know your sales numbers for a certain time frame and then also know your unique visitors to your page within that same time frame. (You can find unique visitors in your web stats from your hosting company or use Google Analytics which is a great free tool. Make sure you are looking at unique visitors and not “hits”, page views, etc.)
For cold leads (total strangers who just discovered you) visiting your page, a minimum of 1% is a good starting target. So your 3% is great. If you are marketing to warm leads or current clients/customers, your conversion rate will be much higher because the trust factor is already there!
You should always be looking to improve your sales conversion, so keep looking for ways to add more persuasive information, testimonials/success stories, video and audio, etc. If you want to get REALLY good at this, and have some fun, try what’s called a “split test.” Create two pages that are exactly the same, we’ll call them Page A and Page B, but just change ONE thing on Page B. For example, change the headline, or the main photo at the top, or the guarantee. Then alternate visitors between the two. For example Visitor 1 will go to Page A, but Visitor 2 will go to Page B, and then Visitor 3 will go to Page A, etc. A decent shopping cart system can do this for you. In 1ShoppingCart this is in their “ad tracking” section. Infusionsoft can surely do this too as it’s an even more robust marketing tool (this is the one we currently use).
I also get many questions about what a good opt-in conversion rate should be. This refers to free offerings such as for your ezine, free report, video series, etc. that you are promoting to get people on your list. If you have just an opt-in box on your regular website, shoot for at least 5% of your visitors. If you are doing a landing page that is solely about this specific free offer, shoot for at least 10%. My personal record is 60% for a landing page. There are many tricks to increasing your optin conversion rate, and I’m sharing them all in our brand new Elevate program.
Have fun, and keep me posted on your progress!
Love and success,

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