"How I Stay Slim WITHOUT Living Like a Nun and Exercising LESS than 30 Mins. a Day" - Glambition Radio

"How I Stay Slim WITHOUT Living Like a Nun and Exercising LESS than 30 Mins. a Day"

Very often when I’m mentoring entrepreneurs, especially women, the subject of health comes up. To be an entrepreneur, vitality is required! You need MORE energy and focus than 99% of the population, in order to do all you need to do. And hey, why not look be fit and look great while you’re at it? You ARE your brand and your product, so looking good and feeling good are key.
When I share with clients that I work out LESS than 30 mins. a day, and also enjoy my wine and restaurant meals, that’s when those women especially lean in and ask, “OK, how do you do it?”
That’s when I tell them about JJ Virgin. JJ has been one of my private coaching clients for a few years now, first as a member of my former Diamond group in 2009, and her business and brand have taken off ever since. You may have seen her starring on TLC’s Freaky Eaters show or as a frequent guest on the Today Show, the Food Network, or Dr. Phil. (This photo of us here was snapped at Richard Branson’s “Rock the Kasbah” event I invited her to that first year.)
While JJ hired me to help her strategize how to expand her brand, business, and income, I also became a client of hers. Why? I wanted what she had! A seemingly endless amount of energy and vitality.
In years past I’ve tried every diet on the planet—from Weight Watchers to juice fasts, you name it—and even at one point was in the gym over 2 HOURS a day to maintain my weight. (I get sick when I even think of all that cardio I used to do, sweating over that StairMaster!) And then one year I tried a meal delivery service and was eating out of little plastic containers that were dropped off on my porch every day–they were minuscule portions that left me hungry and miserable, and often I’d just pig out later anyway.
Now listen, some of these methods even worked well, but just required TOO much time and effort! I don’t have time to count points or give up hours out of my workday to exercise. And I don’t have time for complicated meal planning or cooking either. But I come from a heavy family, and it admittedly takes a certain amount of focus to stay in the sizes I prefer and to keep my energy up. When JJ shared with me that I did NOT have to count calories, be in the gym hours a day, starve myself, or live like a nun to stay energetic, get fit, and look great, I was IN.
The first step I took was enrolling her her FAST TRACK program, which is a quick start in making SIMPLE SHIFTS right now to eat better and lose the fat. It just so happens that JJ is offering a FREE CALL on this on January 5, during which you’ll learn all her (and now my ;)) secrets to look great and feel great for 2012.
Over the past few years JJ and I have become close friends as well, and I have to tell you I’m in awe of her ambition and determination to help more people finally find the health they deserve… without suffering.
Learn more and enroll now for her FREE call here, and here’s to a powerful 2012! Let’s make it our BEST YET, with wealth AND health!
Love and success,

PS—Much of what JJ will share with surprise you… even SHOCK you, as it goes AGAINST much of what you may have learned in previous diet programs. Trust me, she’s the real deal, and she’s changed my life (and health). Give her a fair try and take advantage of this FREE call. At the very least, you’ll get some tips to use right now, and be motivated to get moving! Register here.

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