"Ask Ali: What's the difference between a blog and an ezine?" - Glambition Radio

"Ask Ali: What's the difference between a blog and an ezine?"

Question: “Ali, I’m launching my website soon (yay!) and am wondering, what’s the difference between a blog and a newsletter in terms of the content they each provide my clients?” —Mary Goyer, Awaken Unity, Phoenix, Ariz.
Ali’s Answer: “Hi Mary, and thanks for asking. I’m excited you are going to be launching a website complete with a blog AND publishing a newsletter (or “ezine” as we like to call it). A blog is where your content can live at your website, and an ezine is where it gets “pushed” out to people who have subscribed to receive your content in their inbox. While you could have separate content for each, I recommend instead you link everything together to get the most bang for your buck!
Here’s what I do each week: 1. A new article is written or revised. 2. The article is posted on my blog. 3. The first half of the article is pasted into my ezine, with a link that says “Continue article”. When people click on that link, they are taken to the complete article at my blog. 4. This last step happens automatically: My blog is set up so that when we post anything it ALSO blasts out to Twitter and Facebook via RSS, so the article is also promoted in my social media! (Here’s a link explaining one easy tool to do this.)
From there, it’s good to keep your blog fresh with a new post every three days or so. Updates on your events, your plans, articles, tips, Q&A, and fun stuff will keep it current and also attract more traffic from search engines. Be sure to encourage comments and discussion on your blog to also help with search rankings and exposure. Take a look around my blog, and feel free to leave a comment!”
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