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The #1 Tool I Recommend to Jumpstart Your Business

Did you know that email is what launched my entire business years ago?

Yes, really. I began with a list of 10 people (which admittedly included my parents and my cat) and published a little email newsletter (or “ezine” as we call it). From there it helped spread the word about my business, gain credibility as an expert, grow a list of interested prospects, and skyrocket my struggling little business into one that brought me a healthy, consistent income.

I was hooked!

And since then my business grew… into the six-figures, seven-figures, and beyond. And while today I take advantage of many marketing methods out there (probably the same ones you do, like networking, speaking, blogging, and social media), my ezine is STILL my #1 marketing tool.

And it’s not just working for me. Studies show email is STILL the highest rated marketing tool for businesses, even with all the other exciting applications out there. According to a 2010 study by ExactTarget, 56% of U.S. Internet users interact with brands only via marketing emails, compared to 1.3% who interact only via Twitter and 0.7% by Facebook. (Hmmm…)

Email is a tool we all use every day, it’s easy to use, and here’s the rub…

If you can write an email and press SEND, then you can publish an ezine that brings in profits!

With all the clutter in our lives today, and all the information bombarding us every day, people are taking longer to make decisions than ever before. While you may be great at encouraging someone to use your products or services, they need more information and time to take out their wallet and invest.

In fact, it typically takes seven “touches” for someone to finally be ready to buy from you! Most folks need to hear from you multiple times—not just once.

And that’s why EMAIL is still #1.

Pretty astounding, considering all the hype around social media like Facebook and Twitter, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love using social media to promote by business just as much as the next gal, but what recent statistics are continuing to tell us is that most people still rely most on email to be informed about products and services, promotions, and updates.

And business owners are responding…. A 2010 StrongMail study found that marketing and business leaders still choose email marketing as their top tool for growth (65%) in 2011, above social media marketing (57%) and search marketing (41%). Email is still a heavy hitter in the online marketing game.

And, if you’d like step-by-step guidance on how to start, publish, and promote an ezine, be sure to take a look at my brand new “Ezine Marketing Power” manual. It walks you through everything you need to launch, publish, and promote your own ezine, step by step.

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Love and success,

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