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Ask Ali: "Who Creates & Ships Your Printed Products, CDs, DVDs, Etc.?"

Question: “Hi Ali! Who do you recommend for product fulfillment for audio CDs, DVDs, and printed materials, etc.?”
–Pete Renzulli, T3live, Rutherford, N.J.
Ali’s Answer: “Hi Pete, and thanks for writing. When I launched my first little ebook years ago, I remember being so happy to be all electronic and have nothing to ship. Then I began getting requests from people for a printed version of my 150-page ebook. My own printer was a piece of junk, so if they requested a printed copy I charged them extra and I personally ran to what was then Kinko’s and had a copy printed and put into a nice little binder, (then I stopped for a latte at Starbucks,) then I drove to the post office myself and mailed it! Ha ha ha! Well I was so proud at the time. I remember standing in line at the P.O. and excitedly explaining to some grumpy guy at the counter that I was mailing this to a customer across the country who ordered it from my website. “Harrrrumph,” he grunted.
And now I chuckle at all the work I put into it. First of all, look at all the time I wasted for an extra $25 or so. And then consider I did not know there were great companies that will take care of all this for you, and the nominal cost is well worth it.
Since that time, as you know, my Success Store has grown to host several products and programs, and many of them are physical ones consisting of printed binders or audio CDs or even video DVDs. And after trying several different companies (“fulfillment houses” as they are also called), our #1 pick is one called Vervante. Not only can they print or produce most anything for you—books, CDs, DVDs, home study kits, cards, calendars, and more—but they’ll do the mailing for you too. And there are NO minimums! So you don’t have to pre-pay for 100 copies to be printed. They do what’s called print-on-demand. So you just receive orders on your website, collect your money, and Vervante does the rest! You can learn more about Vervante here.
Best of luck to you, and please keep me posted on your progress here on my blog or at my Facebook page!
Love and success,

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