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“Which Woman Entrepreneur Do You Want to Help Today?”

In just a few weeks, many of you will meet my SHINE keynote speaker, Jane Wurwand. Jane is the founder of Dermalogica (the #1 choice of skin care professionals worldwide)—and her tour de force is joinFITE, a global empowerment platform powered by Dermalogica and Kiva (the nonprofit leader in microfinance).

I’ve been deeply moved by joinFITE and its mission, and I want to share with you some astounding facts that I’ve learned about the fate of thousands of women worldwide…

Did you know that right now, women bear 70% of the world’s poverty? And, it’s NOT because we’re NOT working…

Women perform 66% of the world’s work, but a whopping 90% of our income goes toward supporting our families.

And in impoverished countries around the world, women are faced with even bigger challenges. Discrimination, lack of education, and even violence are every day realities—but as is always the case, a few brave women dare to dream of a better life…

Judith of Kakamega, Kenya opened her own tailoring shop after working for years on
extremely low wages. She now hopes to start her own tailoring school, so she can empower women in her neighborhood to make a better living, too. In Barranquilla, Colombia, an enterprising woman named Juana Fontalba, seeks to expand her cleaning supply business so she can pay for her nephew’s education. And, in the Democratic Republic of Congo—where crimes against women continue to be on the rise—Odette charges ahead with her own merchandising store, and hopes to one day buy her own land and build a house for her family.

I share these stories with you because I’m a big believer in paying it FORWARD, and as a member of my online community, I have a feeling we share the same philosophy.

Now, what if I told you there was a way for you to help right now—and it’s absolutely FREE? You read that right. Here’s how:

Ali International has joined forces with Dermalogica to spread the word about joinFITE, so YOU can help a woman like Judith, Juana, and Odette, start and grow their own business! Dermalogica will donate $1 ON YOUR BEHALF, so you get to help your fellow sisters for FREE!

All YOU have to do is go online to this page now, and fill out this form. The cool thing is, YOU get to pick which country and which kind of business will receive the donation.

I am proud to say that Ali International is 100% behind the joinFITE initiative. These women NEED our help! And, it only takes a few minutes for YOU to go online and CHANGE their lives. To activate your FREE donation now, go to: www.joinfite.org/alibrown

Love and success,

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