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“Dermalogica Will Donate $ to FITE on Your Behalf”

You already know I’m very excited to have Jane Wurwand, founder and CEO of Dermalogica, as my guest keynote speaker for SHINE 2011 (November 2-4, in Dallas Texas). She is a role model both as an entrepreneur and as a philanthropist. And today, I invite you to join her “fite” around the globe to help women entrepreneurs. Please read on to see how YOU can help.
Jane has leveraged her multi-million dollar business to found FITE — a global empowerment platform that provides women entrepreneurs access to small loans in order to help them start or grow a business. And right now, Dermalogica will donate $1 to FITE on your behalf!
What I love about FITE is that YOU get to pick the type of business, and which entrepreneur your donation goes to. To do this, you must activate your donation. It’s easy and won’t take longer than 1 minute. Here’s how:
1: Go to www.joinfite.org/alibrown
2: Click the green “Redeem Code Now” button.
3: Skip “Step 1” because your FITE code is automatically filled in.
4. In “Step 2” you get to pick what type of business will receive the $1 donation. Check the box you’d like to donate to.
5. In “Step 3” you just fill out your contact information.
6. Click “Redeem Code” button, and you’re DONE!
I urge you to take a minute right now to activate your donation to FITE. It’s free, and it can make a huge impact in an aspiring entrepreneur’s life. Please help our fellow sisters out! 😉
Love and success,

P.S. If you want to learn more about Jane, get ready because you’ll be able to see this woman LIVE in action during her keynote presentation at SHINE 2011. In fact, the program for SHINE is UP and ready for you to view online by going to our “Program” page here.

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