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“Join Me Tomorrow and Learn to Create Information Products that Sell”

Right now, women and men of all ages, businesses, and backgrounds are making money online with info-publishing (also called “information marketing” or “info-products”). They’re offering products with every topic under the sun – raw food recipes, meeting your mate, losing weight, financial planning, talking with angels, interior decorating… you name it.
Information is nothing new, but these days people aren’t looking for more of it. They’re looking for distilled information, and they are happy to pay for it if it’s the right information. Whether you realize it or not, YOU have knowledge that other people will gladly pay for. But you have to make sure to plan ahead to create a product that people will actually want!
If you’re ready to get IN on this new revenue stream, —or if you’re already there, but you’ve been struggling to make money online with info-publishing, then join me TOMORROW at 8pm ET. I’m hosting a free, one-time call with “InfoProduct Guy” James Roche.
It’s called “Info-Publishing Secrets: Cash-In on What You Already Know” and it’s your chance to learn from not one but TWO experts in information publishing who are not only “in the trenches” every day but work with clients around the world to create these types of income streams. Go here to get the deets and reserve your spot now for this special free call.
James and I have both sold millions of dollars in information products combined over the years. But remember each of us started with ONE e-book that brought in an extra few hundred dollars a month! And you can do it too, we promise!
And while I’ve talked about this topic for years and taught it as part of my more extensive courses, I’ve NEVER dedicated a specific call to simply creating information products that SELL, let alone a FREE call!
Love and success,

P.S. — If for some reason you can’t make it tomorrow, please still register here. Why? I’m recording the call for you and will send you a link to listen at no charge. Don’t miss it! 🙂

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