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Did you pick up that free Blueprint yet?

alibrown-4ba35f94-8b52-4982-ae4c-73d9ab0c8627-v2If you haven’t yet picked up that free blueprint on how to triple your teleseminar and webinar sales, I just wanted to send a little reminder. Because I find it very disheartening when I see folks put off getting their work online and into profitable courses and programs because they think their launch has to be complicated.

When actually, they can get great results simply using teleseminars and webinars.

I often have to tell my clients who get distracted by all the latest “advice”: Stop focusing on what’s new and start focusing on what really works.

You’ll get off the ground and start making more money a lot faster.

(Whether you’re new at all this, or you’ve been in the game for awhile and realize it’s time to get back to basics.)

My friend and past client Lisa Sasevich created this blueprint, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen. And you can grab a copy here now for free.

Love and success,

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