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YES… they still work! Stop making things so complicated…

alibrown-4ba35f94-8b52-4982-ae4c-73d9ab0c8627-v2Is planning your first big launch making you want to lose your lunch?

While there are many people out there selling launch “systems” that require hiring a large team, shooting multiple videos, creating a 17-phase project plan, and likely having to put yourself on anti-anxiety meds… I want to bring you back to basics for a minute.

Did you know that one of the best and easiest ways to successfully launch yourself online is to host a teleseminar or webinar? Yes, still.

If you’re into fancier online things that require more time, energy, and money (and hair and makeup) you may want to stop reading now.

But if you’ve been putting off getting your work online and into profitable courses and programs because you think it has to be perfect and complicated, PLEASE keep reading.

Because teleseminars and webinars are still your best bet to get off the ground quickly. And they are also great sales tools to build your list, fill seats at events, get clients, etc.

You’ve probably heard of my past client and friend Lisa Sasevich, who is a MASTER at this topic. I know no one else who has done this longer or better than she has, and even more important… TEACHES it best.

I wanted you to know about something Sassypants is giving away right now, and it’s called the “How to Triple Your Teleseminar & Webinar Sales Blueprint”. And you can grab a copy here now for free.

If you’ve ever dreamed about setting up your business so you can easily sell your products and programs online, this is the first step to automating your sales conversion machine.

I would grab it now before you forget!

[Hey Lisa, I’m singing now… “Nobody does it better!”]

Love and success,

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