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Do you plan for prosperity?

My friend and renowned life coach Laura Berman Fortgang, has a new book out today called “The Prosperity Plan”. It’s a beautiful book designed to help you build both financial and emotional security in your life — and a nice read for anyone looking for a positive mindset shift to kick off 2011.

What I love about this book is Fortgang’s case that the most powerful currency in the world today is not the dollar, Euro or yen, but a deep and unwavering belief in your own potential.

I can say from my own life experience, that I would not be the CEO of a multimillion-dollar enterprise, living a beautiful life that I created from scratch, without an unshakeable faith in myself, and the possibilities of life. But this wasn’t a gift I was born with. It was a daily practice that I unconsciously did, and as you can probably conclude, it’s a common habit of successful leaders.

Fortgang features yours truly, and other well-known leadership and self-help authors in “The Prosperity Plan”. Grab your copy at http://www.the and if you’d like a free gift from me, and several of Laura’s featured leaders, just enter the receipt code from your book purchase.

Learn more about “The Prosperity Plan” here.
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