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A Fresh Start: Cleanse Your Body & Mind with JJ Virgin

My good friend JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert, has been educating me on cleanses for years. I’ve seen the results she delivers first-hand, and her growing client list is a testament to her expertise in this area.
That’s why I’m happy to help JJ spread the word about her complimentary teleseminar (co-hosted with Leanne Ely) on January 6, 2011 called “A Fresh Start: 7 Ways to Cleanse so You Will Safely Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Gain Mental Clarity!”
In this teleseminar, you’ll learn the criteria for an effective and safe cleanse, because not all cleanses are created equal. It might be trendy to do a juice cleanse or a prescribed “detox diet”, but the wrong cleanse could lead to rebound weight gain and elevated blood sugar levels. And those are just 2 examples of how things can go wrong if you aren’t properly educated on cleanses.
If you’re ready for “A Fresh Start”, reserve your spot here for this January 6, 2011 teleseminar.
Love and success,

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