"Do you see this happening?..." - Glambition Radio

"Do you see this happening?…"

There is a powerful shift… that’s not just happening around us as women, but happening through us and within us. And this year, it’s more powerful than ever.
What’s happening is, INSTEAD of our feminine nature—the essence of who we are—being seen as a hindrance, an obstacle, or even a handicap… who we naturally are is NOW giving us a huge EDGE—in our businesses and our lives.
And in celebration of this moment in time, I invite you to join me along with a DOZEN brilliant women who are truly LUMINARIES in their fields for a special virtual event called The Feminine Edge.

For the first time EVER, I’m bringing these powerful women together in a special one-time teleseries to enlighten us in how we can live our best lives—and help further this beautiful shift at the same time.
More great news: I’m opening this event to ALL, and it’s completely FREE to attend!

Click here to learn more and register before you forget
—it all starts TUESDAY, June 26!
Love and success,

P.S. From wealth-building to spirituality and purpose, The Feminine Edge luminaries have you covered! Curious who the speakers are? Go here to find out.
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