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“Happy Friday”

I hope you had a wonderful 3-day weekend! I was glad to take Monday off and then hit the ground running. Have to get a lot done this week because I’m about to leave for Miami to meet with the Diamond members of my Millionaire Protege Club.

If you have any Miami hot spots to recommend, please post them for me on my Facebook Fan Page!

And I’ll be back in Miami again in March to be recognized as one of 2010’s Enterprising Women of the Year. Tickets are available for the awards ceremony – why not come join us and say hi? Would love to meet you.

Want to Become a Money Magnet?

Only one generation ago, talking about money was considered to be distasteful. Today, as businesses all over the world do good by doing well, the rules have changed and the conversation has shifted. Becoming a money magnet now means not only personal prosperity, but the ability to help others. So let’s get started with this week’s business article!

It’s Time to Slay Your Stress Monster…

One of the biggest hurdles to becoming successful and happy is negative stress. Stress can take its toll on your self-confidence, productivity, and health – all traits that entrepreneurs need to cultivate and protect in order to be successful! Step one to achieving your entrepreneurial goals, then, is confronting your stress head on and clearing that path to prosperity. This week’s life article gives you some tips to get started.

And to all my Diamonds – see you in Miami!

Love and Success,

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