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“Happy Friday”

I just returned to LA from Miami, via Virgin America.  I am in love with this airline – cheerful flight attendants, wireless internet, both electric and USB outlets for your computer and gadgets, good food (yes really), and thousands of movies and songs to choose from on their entertainment system.

(The other U.S. airlines had better take note – we are not going to tolerate your crappy service, old planes, and cranky battle-axe attendants! Ugh…)

I just finished the first meeting of the year with my 2010 Diamond members at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton in Miami. These eight entrepreneurs are the cream of the crop of my Millionaire Protege Club and I was very impressed with them! These women and men are serious entrepreneurs, and after this first retreat, I know they are going to make amazing leaps and bounds in their businesses this year.

Be bold. Be brave. Be daring!

Yep, that’s what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur (but you already knew that)! This week’s business feature offers some inspiring tales of women who have achieved the unlikeliest of dreams – and enjoyed success beyond anything they ever expected.

Do you “chunk” your time?

If you don’t already do this, you deserve a little slap on the wrist, because it’s a concept I talk about very frequently! I cannot emphasize enough how “chunking” my time – also known as “batching” tasks – has helped me to run my business more efficiently. Read this week’s lifestyle feature for a good reminder of how valuable your time is.

Love and Success,

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