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“Happy Friday”

Wow, what a stellar week I had with my 100+ Platinum members of the Millionaire Protege Club. We just finished up our first retreat of 2010 and it was the most powerful event we’ve ever had.

While our group is mostly women, we’re also enjoying the additional men in Platinum this year! They bring a wonderful strong energy and different perspective to the group.

Topics included marketing, sales, networking, and most of all learning how to think bigger and take leaps this year. And there were many breakthroughs shared. My members are experiencing successes that absolutely defy the negative news we constantly hear about business in the media – I’m very proud. You can see photos at my Facebook fan page.

Do you know how to generate great buzz?

Good PR is essential for taking your business to the next level, but you have to know how reporters think in order to create press releases that will grab their attention. Read this week’s business feature for insider tips on how to generate buzz through smart PR.

Are you tired all the time?

In our busy modern world, we’ve come to accept fatigue as a part of daily life. For a type-A entrepreneur, it’s especially easy to slip into the habits of burning the midnight oil, saying yes to everything and seriously skimping on sleep. But what if you’re getting enough sleep and still feeling tired all the time? Read this week’s lifestyle article to find out what your symptoms could mean.

Next week I’m off to Miami (once again!) with my honey to go accept my Enterprising Women of the Year Award. To those of you living in or near beautiful Miami, I’d love to meet you there – tix are available for the banquet.

Love and Success,

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