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“Learn to love your… TAXES?”

One of the biggest benefits to having a business is the entrepreneur lifestyle you get to live. And that’s not just for fat-cat businessmen with bloated expense accounts. YOU should be living the entrepreneur lifestyle too! And if you know how to work the tax system, you will be.

It’s this month’s Millionaire Protege Club Silver Call…

TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 8:00pm Eastern

“5 Tax Deductions You’ve Likely Overlooked in Your Business That Could Save You Thousands of Dollars (Even If You Aren’t Making a Whole Lot of Money)”

Join me on this call with Legal Expert & Business Strategist (and Platinum Elite member) Alexis Neely to learn:

* Why women in business often pay more taxes than the guys (sad but true)

* How to immediately save yourself $2k-$5k per year on your tax return and reduce your risk of audit substantially

* Why you want to get your whole family involved in your business (for help and finance reasons)

* How you can legally have your business pay for your kids’ education (which makes it tax deductible)!

Tax time is just around this corner, so make sure you join us and put some extra cash in your pocket this year.

This call is FREE for all Millionaire Protege Club members. Not a member? Join now to access this call and be a Silver member for only $9.97 a month.

Best of all, all Silver members receive a print subscription to my Ali Magazine! It’s business, life, and style all for the female entrepreneur (and for cool guys too).

Love and Success,

PS – Even if you can’t make the call live, all Millionaire Protege Club members receive a FREE MP3 recording of the call, so we’ve got you covered. Join us now.

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