"Happy Friday!" - Glambition Radio

“Happy Friday!”

After a restful weekend in the desert, I’m back in town, enjoying the MUCH cooler (but still sunny) beach, and the company of my girlfriends.

As much as I love the outdoors, I love giving into my inner couch potato every now and then too ; ) Last weekend, I finally caught “Drop Dead Diva” and loved it! I rarely watch TV during the week, but on weekends, my girlfriends and I love to dive into some juicy entertainment. I’m one of those people who also enjoy watching commercials – have you noticed how many products are endorsed by celebrities these days? I hope you enjoy this week’s style feature, which takes a look at why we buy celebrity-endorsed products.

This weekend, I hope you treat yourself to an escape, whether it’s a trip to a scenic area near you, or your favorite show on the tube.

Love and Success,

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