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How to disrupt yourself…

My team and I are putting together final touches for our first-ever meeting for The Trust, happening in Miami Beach next week! Our special guest advisor Ellen Latham, co-founder of the $1 BILLION phenomenon Orangetheory Fitness, will be joining us to talk with us about scaling up our ideas in a big way. I’m over the moon to give access to our founding members to amazing leaders like these.

It’s a bit surreal seeing this vision come true that I’ve had for a few years now: create a modern, premier network for 7- and 8-figure women leaders. It’s a space that honestly hasn’t been disrupted since the late ‘90s.

(You can see pics of my team and I prepping behind-the-scenes here on my Instagram. Also, a pic of my dilemma of doing my hair straight or curly? Hmmm… important things here. ;))

Doing something new and brave often involves disrupting an industry, but I can vouch it also requires disrupting yourself.

And that’s why I invited this week’s guest to join us on Glambition® Radio.

While it’s hard to believe, renowned innovation and disruption theorist Whitney Johnson has experienced her fair share of ‘vague notionsabout her future’s direction, as you’ll hear her walk us through. But she kept making leaps. And that’s exactly what makes her incredibly… credible.

She’s one of the 50 leading business thinkers in the world (Thinkers50), an expert on helping high-growth organizations develop high-growth individuals, an award-winning author of several knockout books, world-class keynote speaker, frequent lecturer for Harvard Business School’s Corporate Learning, and an executive coach and advisor to CEOs.

Yes, her professional accomplishments are impressive, but I have to tell you I personally gained so many gold nuggets of leadership and team advice from this interview myself. And I know you will too.

Grab a paper and pen for this one, and get ready for a few unexpected surprises! You can listen now or download for later here.


PS — Do you live on the East Coast? I’m coming to NYC the 2nd week of June, and I have openings to do two private VIP Strategy Dayswhile I’m there. If you’re interested in learning more, please complete the brief form here and be sure to mention New York. Jen on my team will reach out to you.

Please note I specialize in supporting leaders whose businesses are generating (or on track for) 7-8 figure revenues per year, however we’ll consider lower-stage businesses if there is evidence of a strong platform and growth potential. If you’re not sure, we’re happy to talk with you to see if it’s a fit. You can inquire here.


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