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Whitney Johnson, Innovation and Disruption Theorist — Glambition® Radio Episode 198 with Ali Brown

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While it’s hard to believe, today’s guest—innovation and disruption theorist Whitney Johnson (the woman lecturing at Harvard Business School, exemplifying the Wall Street ‘financial dream’, and earning the highest honors for organizational thought leadership all while wearing great suits)—has also experienced her fair share of ‘vague notions’ about her future’s direction, as you’ll hear on this #GlambitionRadio. And that’s exactly what makes her incredibly… credible.

She’s one of the 50 leading business thinkers in the world (Thinkers50), an expert on helping high-growth organizations develop high-growth individuals, an award-winning author, world-class keynote speaker, frequent lecturer for Harvard Business School’s Corporate Learning, and an executive coach and advisor to CEOs. She co-founded the Disruptive Innovation Fund with Harvard’s Clayton M. Christensen and led an $8 million seed round for Korea’s Coupang—currently valued at $9+ billion.

Whitney’s professional accomplishments are impressive—and so is her commitment to leaping into the unknown and disrupting herself. From her humble professional beginning as a Wall Street secretary with a music major to a globally recognized business leader, Whitney vanquishes the notion that her success has anything to do with luck… and reminds us that neither does ours.

On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • How Whitney turned sexist (but motivational) remarks during her first Wall Street job into a lifelong pursuit of personal disruption—and how you can do the same
  • The one book that catapulted her into an astonishing professional partnership (if this isn’t synchronicity in action, I don’t know what is!)
  • Her essential framework for both leaders and employees to recognize and embrace their paths of growth (this paradigm will shift everything…)
  • Why renouncing your ‘shrinking violet’ identity is the key to indisputable leadership

Along with enlightening conversation, this episode provides several resources to help you and your team reach your highest performance potentials. I’m even reading one myself!

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