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How to turn ‘not knowing’ into one of your biggest assets…

You’ve heard me share that creativity has been on a downward spiral in many areas of society as a result of profound information overload… as well as newly controlled narratives. 

But what about in business?

No doubt there’s been forced innovation in many areas, as we’ve had no choice but to come up with solutions, and fast. 

Beyond that… there’s a good portion of things we just don’t know right now within our companies, our models, our markets. 

And can I tell you a secret? 

This ‘not knowing’ will become one of your GREATEST assets going forward. 

Because it will help you create meaning, substance, and solutions – think bold, new streams of income with huge impact – in ways you have not imagined. 

Ready to play? 🙂

Come join me and just a few dozen other entrepreneurs at my upcoming Creative Strategy Workshop, happening April 6+7 here in Phoenix, AZ.

What a powerful event this is going to be! And unlike anything else out there… I promise. 

If you’re ready for something different to ‘stir the pot’ to create bold new ideas and income streams, don’t miss this. 

How you think, perceive, and act on opportunities and challenges is becoming more important than ever in today’s fast moving entrepreneurial climate.

Come join us


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PS — If this isn’t a good fit for you at this time, would you do me a favor and forward this to another sharp entrepreneur you know who may be craving something different? 🙂 We want more people to know about this unique and impactful workshop, as it’s coming up fast! Thanks.


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