‘Intentional Congruence’ with Entrepreneur Jessica Mead — Glambition® Radio Episode 280 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘Intentional Congruence’ with Entrepreneur Jessica Mead — Glambition® Radio Episode 280 with Ali Brown

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As the oldest of seven children to a single mother who had her fair share of entrepreneurial failures, Jessica Mead knew early on that she never wanted to be an entrepreneur. But today she is cofounder of dozens of successful companies with a reported combined valuation topping $100M. 

Jessica is the founder + CEO of Brandlync, a managing partner of Drivonic and the co-founder of The Epek Companies and Mead Holdings Group with a combined valuation topping $100M, and a portfolio of angel investments that encompasses more than 20 companies. In addition to her business acumen, Jessica is a ‘hands on’ expert in alternative, supplemental, and customized education. She has also homeschooled her two children, creating her own curriculum and assessment of learning styles. 

On today’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear how Jessica built a multi-million dollar business portfolio without an online presence and why today she’s finally stepping into her own personal brand. She also shares the story of how she started homeschooling before it was “cool” and how she has developed such an expertise and passion for alternative, customized education. 

Jessica opens up about the positives of the pandemic for students and families, how she leads with “intentional congruence” in her family-first model in life+business, and about her book, ‘Firework Humans: Spark A Growth Mindset. Ignite 9 Entrepreneurial Instincts. Fuel Courage, Curiosity, Confidence, & Conviction.’

On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • What that changed Jessica’s mind about entrepreneurship after associating it with being hungry and homeless as a child and young adult. 
  • The $28M acquisition deal she lost due to not having an online presence
  • More about the two factors on which she bases her business and investment decisions: market need and knowing the numbers
  • How to feel empowered to homeschool your children, including tips on understanding learning styles and curriculum formation
  • Jessica’s side-hobby as a licensed helicopter pilot, referring to herself as a ‘dare-devil rainmaker’ who never backs down from a challenge.

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