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“How Women Are Redefining Success!”

Success is getting a makeover. In the past, it seems success has been much about achievement and accumulation—the “more more more” masculine model. And it just isn’t working anymore. (The economy’s recent implosion was a significant wakeup call.)

Today, women are leading the way in redefining what success is. We want to live our purpose and passion within our own values. We look at how our potential for power and profits can elevate ourselves and others. We think cooperation instead of competition, destiny instead of domination, purpose instead of procurement, and richness instead of wealth.

And more women are reinventing their lives than ever before. So, if you’re tired of the old model and ready to finally step into the business and life you’ve dreamed of, then please join me for “Reinvention: It’s Time for Women to Redefine Success” It’s a special FREE one-time call I’m hosting (along with a very special MYSTERY guest), happening this Wednesday, July 13, 2011.

On this special one-time call, I’ll be sharing:

– the 3 exciting shifts you need to be aware of right now during this powerful transition (so you can harness their power for your business and life)

– my 5 concrete steps you can take immediately to not only begin feeling more fulfilled but also to increase your results with less effort—read: more income with ease

– why it’s the BEST time ever to be a woman entrepreneur—whether you’re running a kitchen-table business with kids in tow or a multimillion-dollar company

– how YOU can make a difference right now in helping other women succeed too (and without taking away energy from growing your own business)

– what you’ll experience at this year’s SHINE 2011—my LIVE event in Dallas, Texas! (It’s the premier conference for women entrepreneurs, Nov. 2-4, and you don’t want to miss it.)

    On the call, I’ll also be introducing for the first time our powerful guest keynote speaker for SHINE 2011. I am so excited to present this global influencer to you personally!

    Learn more about my MYSTERY guest and reserve your spot for this call here.

    Love and success,

    P.S. Oh, there’s one more thing. I’ll also be announcing a VERY special giveaway on the call for those of you who will be joining us at SHINE 2011 this November 2-4 in Dallas, Texas. I’ll explain it all on the call.

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