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Well I can’t believe this, but I also can…

ICONIC with Ali Brown” SOLD OUT in less than 48 hours.

We had to shut down the page this morning! All seats were snapped up by those who were smart to get on the pre-notification list.

The good news is our waitlist is now set up for enrollment.

If you’d still be interested in getting on the waitlist for any spots that open, you can still learn more and apply here.

The overwhelming response in itself is a testament to how so many entrepreneur women at the higher levels from around the world are craving elevated perspective and a new conversation

From launching… to leading.  
From how-to… to higher concepts. 
From doing more… to positioning for brilliant results. 

This private workshop is happening October 24 & 25 in Los Angeles, CA.

Set the intention you still have a chance to join me for…

(Look for the waitlist option at the BOTTOM of this page.)

And this will be the LAST email you get from me about ICONIC for a while. 😉


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