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Calling all thought leaders, firebrands, extraordinary entrepreneurs, and forces of nature… for my first U.S. workshop in nearly two years.

TOMORROW, Monday, July 17, registration will go LIVE for…

Oct. 24 & 25, 2017 in Los Angeles.

Refreshingly different.

Only 50 seats available.

==> Thank you to all who have been writing me with comments such as these:

“Perfect timing. I’m ready to create a more powerful level of my business, from a more powerful place, and with the help of a more powerful leader.”

“Oh Ali — this is exactly the higher level conversation I’m craving. I’m done with the formulas and I’m ready to break out.”

“ALI!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for your next workshop. You’re always on the leading edge. So excited, and I’ll be there in LA with bells on!”

They’re feeling it.

Called out of that pool of noise.

Called to elevate to their highest level of genius.

Called to truly start leading.

Are you with us?

THIS, my friends, is an invitation to become truly ICONIC in your field.

During our two days together, we’ll focus on positioning yourself and your offerings to be incomparable, irresistible, and untouchable in your category. And in the process, tap into your highest genius of the great work you are here to do in the world.

Get your name on this list now so you’ll be FIRST to know when registration goes LIVE TOMORROW, Monday, July 17

See you at the top.


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