“I’m coming to Sydney… Want to Meet?” - Glambition Radio

“I’m coming to Sydney… Want to Meet?”


My family and I can’t wait to come back to Australia in February and March! It’s truly our second home now. 

During this visit, I won’t be hosting a public event, but I WILL have time to work with a few individuals while I’m in town. 

Join me for a VIP Strategy Package

It’s our chance to work together privately, and I’m all yours for a pre-call to set our agenda, a 1:1 meeting day together in the Sydney area, and a follow-up call with me as well.

While our agenda will be created to your needs, here are a few common objectives that smart entrepreneurs have chosen to focus on with me:

  • Map out how to best skyrocket your current model as fast as possible (without implosion)
  • Determine your “sharp right turn” to break away from the pack (and lose the annoying knockoff competition nipping at your heels)
  • Position yourself for higher-end fees (and clients who can easily pay you)
  • Birth a new brand that matches where you’re really feeling called
  • “Unpack” your personal I.P. to create a new book, signature program, or talk
  • Map out a plan for new leads and exposure to build your list
  • Design lucrative new offerings and how to sell them (online or in person)
  • Rework your current income model to be less exhausting while maintaining or increasing NET profit (my most popular request right now)

There are also unique situations, such as last summer: Three very successful entrepreneurs from Germany flew in to gain my assistance in helping them create a new company together.

I led them through generating a vision and mission that fully represented who they were coming together and what they wanted to achieve, and then we mapped out an immediate cash cow using that new partnership.

Following the day, this client wrote to say they implemented just ONE of my ideas immediately and sold over $100K in coaching within a week! (And she was so pleased that she’s already reserved another VIP day with me in 2017 as well.)

If you’d like to inquire about booking, please fill out the form here on my coaching/consulting page. Be sure to note you’re interested in meeting in Sydney.

Even if you’re not sure, I encourage you to contact us. There’s no obligation, and my team will be happy to discuss to see if it’s a fit for you and your business.

Love and success,



P.S. Care to see whom I’ve worked with and what type of results they’ve experienced since? You got it—right here.


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