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I’m in NYC…

I’m writing this from the lobby of our chic NYC hotel, sipping an iced cold-brew coffee and getting ready for a VIP Strategy Day with a new client. Brett and I have been enjoying a week sans kids and taking in all the city has to offer!

On Wednesday night I hosted a small soiree for several of my #GlambitionRadio guests and it was wonderful to catch up with these high profile women personally. Guests included Kate White (former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan), Farnoosh Torabi (host of So Money), retail maven Lisa Robinson (formerly of QVC), and several others you may know. I’ll be posting photos soon on my NEW Instagram account@alibrownofficial – so be sure to follow me there!

Part of the conversation we had was about the topics we’re hearing over and over regarding women and success. Much of what we’re hearing about continually is about catching up, making things right, equaling things out, or fixing things that are broken.

Those are important conversations.

But we agreed there needs to be much more conversation about LEADING.

And this is where my passion lies now.

Because when you insist on operating from your highest level of genius and purpose, it will naturally create more change than you could ever intend on its own.

How does that feel?

Often when I am working with my clients — these are women entrepreneurs whose revenues are typically in the 7- or 8-figures — and if I’m feeling some stuckness or resistance around their business, I will challenge them to this:

Most often the troubles and challenges they are experiencing are actually stemming from the fact they are THINKING TOO SMALL.

And when we identify that and break through to the larger vision and purpose of what they really should be working on, it’s a tremendous RELIEF. They are not here to do things the regular way.

Their growth is about…

being nothing less than extraordinary.

doing often the opposite of everyone around them.

and stepping into their ICONIC work.

If this resonates with you, I invite you back to ICONIC 2.0 this November to continue the powerful work we started last year in Los Angeles.

Because last year’s event SOLD OUT within 48 hours, I have a feeling seats won’t be available for long when we go live.

I’ve scheduled registration to open on July 9 to the public, but I’ll be giving YOU an early chance to reserve your spot. 

Watch your inbox for more details coming soon.

And if you have any qualified clients or friends you’d like to encourage to attend, please send them to www.iconicwithalibrown.com to get on the Priority Notification List. Or have them text “ICONIC” to (480) 485-2664.

(You are already ranked highest priority and you don’t need to get on that list! ;))

I’ll touch base again in a week or two.

Xo Ali

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