Randi Zuckerberg, Founder of Zuckerberg Media + Author of 'Pick Three' — Glambition Radio Episode 143 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Randi Zuckerberg, Founder of Zuckerberg Media + Author of ‘Pick Three’ — Glambition Radio Episode 143 with Ali Brown

Randi Zuckerberg on Glambition Radio with Ali BrownSince leaving Facebook in 2011, Randi Zuckerberg has piled up a varied stack of her own accomplishments, including a weekly tech radio show, two TV shows, a series of angel investments, producing three Broadway shows, and even a six-week stint starring Rock of Ages. It’s been a wild ride since she decided to embrace her creative personality and take a different road than her family name would seem to dictate.

But she fast learned that entrepreneurship combined with motherhood came with incredible demands of time and bandwidth. How to manage? Even with good help and a great team? The businesswoman, mother of two, and author realized even back in her single tech days that we live in a culture that celebrates busyness and working harder (no matter the cost). And that’s a problem.

Her solution? Pick three. It’s a refreshing take on prioritizing, and she’s here to talk about it on Glambition Radio.

And her new book goes into this process in detail: Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day)’. Work,sleep, fitness, family, friends — instead of trying to accomplish all five things every day, Randi believes in picking the three most important areas to focus on in any ONE given day, and do them incredibly well.

This is a great conversation with an amazing woman— you don’t want to miss this episode of #GlambitionRadio.

Randi is passionate about the intersection of tech and media and through Zuckerberg Media she is inspiring kids to embrace the power of technology to bring them closer to their goals and what they love. She currently hosts a weekly tech business show called Dot Complicated on SiriusXM and has two TV shows: ‘DOT’ on NBC Universal Kids (winner of Kidscreen’s Best New Preschool Series) and ‘American Dreams’ on HSN, highlighting entrepreneurs around the country.

On the show, we also discuss:

* How multiple mentors in Silicon Valley told her that she should be less interesting and try to fit in more if she wanted to be successful in tech (you have to hear what she learned from this)

* How turning off distractions for just a few hours can help you produce your best work (Gals, put down the phone and give yourself some uninterrupted time. You deserve it)

* Why we need to STOP making the work/balance conversation a gendered conversation (Randi emphasizes this is a topic for everyone – it shouldn’t be seen as taboo for anyone to be equally passionate about their work AND family)

* How her tech-promoting work through Zuckerberg Media goes hand in hand with the message behind ‘Pick Three’ (mindfulness is the key)

* Why it’s never the right time to start a business, but you should go for it anyway (she says the time truly is now)

* How being cast in the Broadway hit show Rock of Ages led Randi to rediscover her creativity (even if that meant going out of her comfort zone)

* She also lets us in on the three broadway shows she is producing right now (and how she’s enjoying being a voter for the Tony Awards— I loved hearing about this process)

On this episode of Glambition Radio, Randi and I also discuss how we prioritize our work with both having two young children, and why we need to leverage the things that make us unique in our business and our life.

You’re going to love getting to know this unexpectedly creative techy with the famous last name. Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). And be sure to grab a copy of Randi’s new book, ‘Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day)’.

Xo Ali
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