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It’s time for… your great reset

Don’t worry, I’m not referring to the current global agenda!

But given this past year, are you suddenly taking a closer look at…

  • where you are?
  • where you’ve been?
  • and where you think you want to go?

    You’re not alone. And it’s both business… and personal.

    Remember when you started your first venture? Everything felt fresh and new, and the world was full of opportunities. There were many great things ahead.

    But often, after even just a few years in business, things can feel a bit stale. Even if they are working wonderfully.

    It may be time to shake things up. Or, simply just ‘reboot’ your brain and spirit, akin to rebooting your computer.

    The great news is, the current opportunities — and energies — are incredibly supportive for this.

    It’s time to ‘reset’ and restore that ease, grace, and excitement you previously experienced early on. Where will it take you? Somewhere greater than ever.

    If you can by this fall, look for a place where you can get into a new environment… and around new people and ways of thinking. It can automatically stimulate new ideas and feelings for you.

    Since we have gained many new subscribers in the last few weeks, I wanted to drop a quick reminder about a special opportunity to not only reset yourself and your business, but gather with dozens of high-performing women entrepreneur leaders… in person.

    >>> This November 3+4, consider joining all of us at ICONIC 2021: Liberation here in Phoenix, AZ.

    We are more than halfway SOLD OUT, so if you’re curious, don’t wait much longer.

Get on our Priority Notification List here and that will take you to all the details.

I hope to see your application come through!


PS — Would you also consider forwarding this email to another high-performing female entrepreneur you know? For her, this may just be the perfect event at the perfect time.
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