Rediscovering Your Own Body’s Intuition with Dr. Kelly Brogan — Glambition® Radio Episode 262 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Rediscovering Your Own Body’s Intuition with Dr. Kelly Brogan — Glambition® Radio Episode 262 with Ali Brown

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When you discover your own personal truth, but it defies decades of what you were schooled to believe… how do you even begin the transition to truly honoring it?

It isn’t… easy. Both internally, and externally, as holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, M.D. can attest. She’s no stranger to being vilified — especially in current times. And that’s why I wanted to have her on the show. We had a fascinating conversation, and I invite you to listen and judge for yourself.

Dr. Brogan is the author of the NY Times Bestselling books A Mind of Your Own and Own Your Self, as well as creator of the Vital Mind Reset and Vital Life Project.

And on today’s Glambition Radio, we’re diving deep into her extreme transformation over the years from a drug-prescribing practitioner to a conscious healer and leader. Her mission: ‘to provide true informed consent around medication-based treatment, and empower individuals with tools for radical self-healing’.

From living a ‘postcard perfect’ doctor life in NYC to diving deeper into her own spiritual awakening process — unraveling most everything she believed along the way — Dr. Brogan’s journey hasn’t been smooth sailing. But today, her holistic healing protocols empower women everywhere to recalibrate and re-establish a relationship with their higher intelligence—much to the dismay of current information overlords and obvious agendas.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • Why the health + safety of your body is the gateway to deeper spiritual healing for generations to come—especially for women. (Plus several effective tips to begin your own vital reset. Have you experimented with these already?)
  • The moment a ‘cosmic 2×4’ set Kelly on her path to awakening—and changed her professional trajectory 180 degrees, sending her from what she calls allopathic ‘indoctrination’ to methods of holistic, self-healing
  • How women can defy external control by strengthening their intuitive bond to themselves and their children (plus, hear my first experience with this powerful sensation when my twins were born!)
  • Kelly’s clear opinions around natural health practices that landed her on serious threat lists. (Some of these seem so benign that it’s surprising they were so maliciously targeted.)
  • Bonus: How to listen to her fantastic interview with Joe Rogan that was removed from YouTube. (This one was how I discovered Kelly and became so intrigued.)
  • Lastly, my personal favorite… Kelly’s thought process behind doing away with her smart phone. (My dream, and I share recent insights around our energetic connections to devices!)

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