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Liberation through chaos…

There’s something I’ve never done for my live events before, and I want to tell you exactly what’s different about my upcoming ICONIC…

Over the last 15 years of hosting events, I’ve never actually given one a ‘theme’ for the year.

This year, as I bring back ICONIC, I felt strongly called to give it one. And it’s liberation.

Why liberation?

Because in the midst of all this past year’s madness… the chaos… the nonsensical happenings… the upending of most all we knew… there are actually opportunities so immense (both business and personal) they are hard to fathom by most ‘normal’ folks.

Notice I’m saying ‘in the midst of’ and not ‘on the other side of’, because the latter implies we are waiting for all this to work itself out. We cannot wait.

While so many are focusing on all the doors closing, across the hall are immense ones opening that can lead us to our greatest chapters ever.

And I know women entrepreneurs are going to be a huge part of leading this charge. The world has never pointed more strongly to the way we have always worked best (more on that to come next week).

>>> I hope you saw my update last Thursday that our priority notification list is OPEN for ICONIC.

This is your opportunity to learn a bit more about this event (and learn how I run my events, which I do a bit differently than others), and ‘raise your hand’ to get all details first, as soon as we have them.

Here’s what we know for sure…

80 select entrepreneurial leaders will be joining me in Phoenix, AZ on November 3+4, 2021 for a powerful two days to refine their mission, hone their powers, and claim their reign.

It’s time… for ICONIC 2021: Liberation.

I hope you’ll join us.

Here’s where you can get on that list, so you’ll get first updates and know when registration officially opens.



PS — In past years, we’ve SOLD OUT from our priority notification list alone. So don’t delay in signing up if this has piqued your interest.

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