Rachel Cruze, Personal Finance Expert — Glambition® Radio Episode 256 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Rachel Cruze, Personal Finance Expert — Glambition® Radio Episode 256 with Ali Brown

Rachel Cruze on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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She’s the daughter of one of America’s MOST famous faces of personal finance. But today’s guest has carved out a unique niche and media platform of her own, helping women and younger audiences master their money to create a secure + abundant life they love.

Rachel Cruze is a two-time #1 national best-selling author and host of The Rachel Cruze Show. She has served as a Ramsey Personality since 2010, where she teaches how to avoid debt, save money, budget and win with money at any stage in life.

And as you’ll hear in this Glambition Radio episode, Rachel shares timeless principles that will support your biggest financial goals in life and business — simple strategies you can implement today to strengthen your financial wellness.

(I also appreciate her keen perspectives on seeking contentedness in our modern ‘comparison culture’, and how the challenges of 2020 proved to be so enlightening for many of us when it comes to managing our energy and attention around money. It’s a ‘rich’ conversation that you won’t want to miss.)

Rachel has authored three best-selling books, including Love Your Life, Not Theirs and Smart Money Smart Kids, which she co-wrote with her father, Dave Ramsey. Her latest book is Know Yourself, Know Your Money: Discover WHY You Handle Money the Way You Do and WHAT to Do About It.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • How Rachel’s influence as a money mentor for younger audiences has grown and evolved along with her own stages of life (and how her principles remain relevant at every stage!)
  • What it was really like growing up as Dave Ramsey’s daughter… and why her upbringing around money might not be what you’d expect!
  • A few practical tips for moms to raise money-aware kids in a ‘comparison’ society—and how to integrate financial wisdom through the ebbs and flows of everyday life
  • Why going totally debt-free will open up new energy in your finances (and how it trickles into other aspects of life, like personal relationships and spirituality)
  • How changing your relationship to money NOW will impact your family tree for generations to come… plus, a step-by-step process for business owners to organize both sides of their finances
  • And, my personal favorite… Rachel shares a brilliant morning coffee ‘hack’ that you’ll want to implement yourself!

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