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Love, tech, and Poo~Pourri…

Just a quick note to make sure you’ve caught the latest episodes of my Glambition® Radio, because we’ve had quite a string of fascinating guests and topics.

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I’m honored the show has now been recognized by both Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines as a must listen podcast for entrepreneurs. Glambition Radio is my favorite venture of all time.

These latest 6 episodes share powerful stories of amazing women founders, creators, and leaders, as well as some juicy solo shows from yours truly. 

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A bit about these episodes…  

Kavita J. Patel – This episode is a deep ride with my client Kavita J. Patel, whose insights and teachings on love and relationships are profound, based around identifying and healing your Family Imprint™. It all started with her own love story, losing her four year relationship, and then figuring out how to magically regain it again. If you’ve ever felt unworthy of love or have struggled in your romantic relationships, you need to hear this episode of Glambition Radio. 

* Bonus: VIP DAY Secrets – I recently hosted a complimentary training call where I shared how you can apply our behind-the-scenes VIP secrets to your business. This conversation I had with my client Kendall SummerHawk was SO good that I decided to share it on Glambition Radio so more people could hear it! Come listen in for a fun and VERY content-packed conversation on how to offer lucrative VIP offerings in your business model. 
Jesse Draper – Her interview-format Valley Girl Show was nominated for an Emmy and featured guests like Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Jessica Alba, and Eric Schmidt. And she’s been listed by Marie Claire magazine as one of the ‘50 Most Connected Women in America’. But today her new Halogen Ventures focuses on early stage investing in female founded consumer technology. Jesse is much more than a valley girl today – hear her story and evolution here.

High End Networking Secrets – Time to get out and meet people? YES. This solo episode I did on networking is a popular encore episode of Glambition Radio. You won’t get top-dollar clients, golden opportunities, and the best business partners if you’re always hiding at home behind your computer. I know you have to put on pants, do your hair, arrange childcare, and more. But it’s worth it. Showing up pays off. On this episode I share my 3 best tips on top-notch networking.  

Cindy Whitehead – She created Addyi, the first FDA-approved drug for women with low libidos, dubbed by the media as “the female Viagra”, and sold the company that created it —Sprout Pharmaceuticals — for $1 BILLION. And now, Cindy isn’t slowing down. She’s created the The Pink Ceiling… a venture to help more women focused businesses get the funding they need to skyrocket like she did. Hear how Cindy started her career, decided to launch her own pharma business, and what she did to get taken seriously and take it to the TOP. We’ve got the whole story on this episode of Glambition Radio.

Suzy Batiz – She ignored her instincts and looked outside herself for happiness for the first four decades of her life. But overriding her intuition led to domestic abuse, failed businesses, and going broke. It was her second bankruptcy at age 40 that propelled her on a spiritual quest, where she rediscovered tapping into her own higher power for creativity and ideas. It took her nine months to start Poo~Pourri — the ‘before-you-go’ toilet spray — and it was a slow beginning (she had to beg people to take the product!). A year later she did $1 million in revenue, mostly by word of mouth. This year is her 10-year anniversary and she has built what is now a $300+ million business. And with 100% ownership. (No investors running her show.) How did she do it? You’ll hear the play-by-play story on this episode.

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