Rha Goddess, Founder + CEO of Move The Crowd — Glambition Radio Episode 125 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Rha Goddess, Founder + CEO of Move The Crowd — Glambition Radio Episode 125 with Ali Brown

Rha Goddess on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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This is a deep conversation with Rha Goddess, who is empowering a new generation of conscious entrepreneurs to “stay true, get paid, and do good” through her creation and work as CEO of Move The Crowd. She is the “entrepreneurial soul coach” behind hundreds of breakthrough change-makers, cultural visionaries, and social entrepreneurs.

But my client Rha’s story is just as powerful as the movement she’s created.

On this episode of Glambition Radio I have Rha go back to her Brooklyn childhood, and then what she calls the intersection of civil rights and hip hop. Her activist parents — who survived two decades of segregation and then worked on the front lines of the civil rights movement — and what she witnessed growing up helped shape her into the cultural innovator and conscious entrepreneur she is today.

After a dual major in chemistry and computer science at Vassar, Rha worked for a 50 Fortune corporation in their specialty chemicals division. But she always maintained her “ground level” mission: On evenings and weekends she led gang intervention work in South Central Los Angeles. It was through watching the epidemic of youth violence she knew she wanted to make a bigger change in the lives of young people.

The big leap from the corporate world to becoming a full-time social entrepreneur came to Rha when she came across an organization doing peace education and conflict mediation work in the schools, and it hit her. That is what she wanted to be doing.

Within four months she had left her corporate gig — taking a 50%+ pay cut — and stepped into a new world where she learned how to use her love for hip hop artistry as a vehicle to help young people become change for themselves and for those around them.

Hear how Rha came to the revelation that she could do her soul passion — her great work to serve — and make money doing it without sacrificing her morals. It’s not a trade off. You can have both. Hear the full story on this episode of Glambition Radio.

On the show, we discuss:

* how the right to belong is the theme running through the center of the issues we are grappling within our world today — from gang violence to populism

* how she became a rapper and used spoken-word poetry “floetry” to process what was happening around her — violence, inequity, poverty — and how it brought the activist and artist within her together

* how Rha’s coaching and mentoring is all about supporting you in becoming more of who you already are

* what the current administration means for us: We all have a role to play. It’s our time to act.

* how we are shifting from the Age of Celebrity to the Age of the Citizen, and it’s time to create our own brand of contribution.

* her upcoming “True. Paid. Good. Summit”, Oct. 13-15, 2017 in New York. (Learn more and grab a seat at summit.movethecrowd.me )

Rha and I dive deep into the fear of change that so many women feel and how you have to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore (even if you built it).

Gals, this show is pure gold. You have to hear this episode of Glambition Radio.

Love and Success,




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