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Madness, Vision, God, and Memberships…

I hope you and yours are healthy and well, and are gearing up for an Easter weekend of gratitude like no other. 🙂

As you’re catching up on emails before the weekend, I wanted to drop a note with a few resources I think you’d find really helpful right now for your business and your mindset.

1. ‘Lost in the Madness… and Where to Go from Here’

I just posted a NEW article on LinkedIn as part of my Iconoclast newsletter there.

It’s about how, right now, it’s easy to panic, pivot your business too quickly, and grab what’s in front of you. Yes, fast action is good, but I’m seeing many entrepreneurs and thought leaders jump to offer all kinds of new services, programs, or products simply to appease their market.

Of course, do what you have to do right now to keep things going, and ‘get them bills paid’.

But, I invite you to see this time as an incredible opportunity for something greater than that, and I explain how.

You can read the article and subscribe here.


2. How to Lead With Vision — Your Mission, Your Clients, Your Team, Yourself

I did a 30-minute LIVE show just yesterday with Eleanor Beaton  — a fantastic women’s business coach and former client of mine — on how to lead with vision over the next 90 days. We made some powerful revelations.

We also somehow touched on everything from toilet paper to God. (???) I’d say this combo may have been a first, but includes great advice throughout, combined with some much needed humor in these times.

Watch here and let me know what you think.


3. Ramp Up That Membership Program!

If you run — or want to run — membership/subscription programs as part of your business, and want some expert advice on how to continue to grow during these ‘cancel’ times, don’t miss that interview we just posted on Glambition® Radio with Robbie Kellman Baxter, the world’s leading expert on subscription pricing and membership models. She’s worked with clients such as Wall Street Journal, Electronic Arts, Asics, FitBit, and Intuit, so you know she knows her stuff! Listen here and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss another episode.


Have a great holiday weekend, and we’ll touch base next week.


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