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Tonya Dalton, Productivity Expert — Glambition® Radio Episode 205 with Ali Brown

Tonya Dalton on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Because most productivity systems were designed by *men*, affecting change in women’s lives—getting them excited for work, feeling good in their personal lives, and making dreams come true—is Tonya Dalton’s north star. And to do this, she’s debunking outdated and ineffective models of productivity to transform how women create their ultimate versions of a blended workspace and home sphere.

On #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear how Tonya (without any prior experience) started her first business from her kitchen with $50, two kids playing at her feet, and zero email subscribers… and built her booming family business to 7-figures within 18-months to successfully absorb her husband’s corporate income and bring him on as CMO.

Today, Tonya is a world-recognized leader in women’s productivity and has been featured by renowned entrepreneurial media like Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes exactly because she provides a new, modern-day model of efficiency and life design that actually works according to the way women think, which you’ll learn all about on

She is a best-selling author, and speaker and serves as a growth strategist for female leaders in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. She is the founder and CEO of inkWELL Press Productivity Co., a multi-million-dollar company providing tools that work as a catalyst in helping women do less while achieving maximum success. And I’m honored to also share she’s a client of mine and a member of my new network The Trust.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The reason male ‘corporate-type’ productivity has never worked for women… and why Tonya’s new business-lifestyle model is receiving wild acclaim from top business media
  • How to differentiate between what’s just ‘busy-ness’ and what’s good for business (because sometimes it’s easy to blur the lines)
  • Why you should approach delegation as a tool for development, and how this ramps up freedom and empowerment for you AND your team
  • Exactly when, where, and why to lean in… because achieving balance is B.S. (yes, we said it!)
  • How to create space for progress and prosperity (because sometimes the best results come when you’re not looking)

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