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My first workshop, my first refund, and my first giant payday…

I hosted my first little workshop back in 2005.

I had 28 people attend, and I remember being so nervous, hoping they’d love the content, which at the time was focused on leveraging your business online.

I walked in praying that no one would hate it and ask for a refund. (One woman did. I obliged. And then she asked if she could still come to the party that evening! I said ‘NO’.)

But the other 27 people? They LOVED it.

At the end, they asked what else I had to offer. I didn’t have a program to sell, so I just sold some coaching spots with me. Ten of them bought.

It ended up being my first-ever six-figure weekend.

I drove back to my apartment in my little Beetle convertible, awestruck at what had just happened. And the best part was, I had ENJOYED it so much.

From that point on, I was hooked on hosting events. I went on to grow my workshops and seminars and then created some of the largest and highest caliber conferences in my entire industry.

My record “weekend” was selling $2.5 MILLION on stage.

Now, my style is smaller, application-only retreats with high-end women entrepreneurs. (You see, another thing I love about doing events is you can do them YOUR way, in your own style, and they can change with you and your lifestyle.)

But here’s what you really need to know:

Not everyone knows how to make money with their events. I’ve seen many business owners go in the hole if they don’t know the secrets to filling their rooms. And they miss opportunities to generate more revenues from their events as well.

When my own clients ask me for a proven formula in this category, I simply refer them to my own past client, Lisa Sasevich. Her teachings around events and live selling are simply unmatched.

I’m writing today because Lisa just posted a new, free “Big Profit Blueprint” to help you determine how much YOU could generate by hosting your own workshops and seminars. It’s simple and easy to use right away, and it will lead you to more of her great advice on profitable events.


Just plug in some of your own numbers, and you’ll see how you could make a year’s worth of income in a weekend, while making more of an impact you’re here to make!

Download your Big Profit Blueprint now here.

Love and success,

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