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My secret to getting inspired and creative…

We are in So Cal for just a few more days before we head back to Scottsdale, AZ for fall.

One thing Brett and I have both realized during our few years together with the twins is that we crave new environments on a regular basis. (Luckily the kids are great travelers.) It stimulates all of us, and revs up my own creativity to a new level.

I’m honestly at my least happy when I’m trapped in an office—even my home office! That’s my place for “busy work” or organizing a project or papers, but not my inspired work.

When I’m not able to pick up and travel far, sometimes I just go visit a beautiful hotel locally and work in the lobby or café with a coffee or glass of wine.

(I’ve tried Starbucks, but find it too distracting. Crazy people, dogs, kids—it’s like an airport terminal! And I end up eating cake. It’s good in a pinch, but I crave something more elegant.)

If I have a large project to tackle and I really need to get focused, I will even sometimes go check into a local resort for a few days. I bring my flip chart paper, sticky notes, tons of markers, and my laptop and portable printer. I often emerge on the other side with brilliant content that I could have never developed otherwise.

It’s focused time in a fresh environment.

I suggest you try it! Especially if you feel a bit stuck or stagnant.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve led three VIP Strategy Days at the beautiful Ritz Carlton here in Laguna Beach, and my clients say the ocean views and fresh environment were incredibly inspiring. One of them who flew in from overseas was so moved that she said she may relocate to the area.

Many of you have written in to ask what I do during these “mysterious” VIP days. The short answer is, it’s a custom agenda that you and I craft together ahead of time on a pre-call.

But here are a few common reasons that smart entrepreneurs book a day with me:

  • turn your business strategy in a new direction to break away from the pack (and lose the annoying knockoff competition nipping at your heels)
  • position yourself for higher end fees (and clients who can easily pay you)
  • birth a new brand that matches where you’re feeling called
  • “unpack” your personal I.P. to create a book, signature program, or talk
  • rework your current income model to be less exhausting while maintaining or increasing net profit
  • map out a plan for new leads and exposure to build your list
  • design lucrative new offerings and how to sell them (online or in person)

There are also unique situations, such as just last week: Three very successful entrepreneurs from Germany flew in to gain my assistance in helping them create a new company together.

I led them through generating a vision and mission that fully represented who they were coming together and what they wanted to achieve, and then we mapped out an immediate cash cow using that new partnership.

(I’m happy to share this client just wrote to say they implemented immediately and sold over $100K in coaching within a week. I’ll be posting her formal testimonial soon.)

If you’d like to inquire about booking your own VIP Strategy Day with me, please fill out the form here on my coaching/consulting page.

I have a few days open:

  • mid-September in Scottsdale, AZ
  • late September in Boston, MA
  • early October in Miami/Palm Beach, FL

It would be great to meet you and work with you in person.

Love and success,

P.S. Care to see whom I’ve worked with and what type of results they’ve experienced since? You got it—right here.

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