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Nature abhors a vacuum…

How often in your career have you attended a workshop or participated in a course only to feel the burden of having to do MORE afterward?

Rather than achieving the clarity and breakthroughs you’d hoped, instead you feel the weight of numerous new obligations hanging in the wings. (Isn’t that what you tried to get away from in the first place??)

If you’ve hit a plateau in your trajectory, it’s only natural to seek the next best actions to achieve *insert your desired result here*.

But what if the answer to correcting your stall is NOT to do more… nor solicit another’s advice… but to create + embrace radical ‘white space’?

Stepping into this gap—away from your to-dos, notifications, and even away from your own M.O.—can actually be the most insight-producing action you take.

>>> Because when you break away from what’s expected and familiar, you make room for YOUR ‘next best thing’ to reveal itself to you.

More often than not, the answers we seek, and results we desire, lie not in doing what we’ve always done… but in creating opportunity for new solutions to make themselves known.

(If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘nature abhors a vacuum’, this is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!)

Are you ready to create open space and become a magnet for your own aligned insights?

This fall, I’m inviting up to 80 select entrepreneurial leaders to join me in Phoenix, AZ on November 3+4, 2021 for a powerful two days to refine their mission, hone their powers, and claim their reign.

>>> ICONIC 2021: Liberation. November 3+4, here in Phoenix, AZ.


It’s time for a radical abandonment of ‘more’ so we can allow the ‘aligned’ destiny that awaits.

I hope you’ll join us.

We are more than halfway SOLD OUT, so if you’re curious, don’t wait much longer.

Access all the details here now, and I look forward to seeing your application come through.


PS — If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to my team by simply replying to this email, or writing to
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