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When your wish becomes a command…

What’s the difference between wishing for something and seeing it become true?

It’s more than thought. It’s incredibly directed thinking.

Earlier today I did an Instagram Live with my friend and land investment expert Michelle Bosch, who shared her powerful story of immigrating to the U.S. from Honduras and creating her own American Dream.

It was part of my series ICONIC Conversations Live, highlighting some of the free and different thinkers that attend my events.

I want you to go listen to this conversation we had, because it became about so much more than investing. It was so apparent in what she shared that relentless focus (along with the hard work) was what helped attract the incredible (and seemingly effortless) success she enjoys today… and the wisdom she passes on to her clients.

Listen closely to how Michelle focuses on the long game.

More women need to think this way… and use it to think BIGGER.

Our future depends on it.

The good news?

YOU can be around dozens of other women who think this way, this fall.

Because up to 80 select entrepreneurial women leaders will be joining me in Phoenix, AZ on November 3+4, 2021 for a powerful two days to refine their mission, hone their powers, and claim their reign.

>>> ICONIC 2021: Liberation. November 3+4, here in Phoenix, AZ.

It’s time to power up for the long haul.

We are more than halfway SOLD OUT, so if you’re curious, don’t wait much longer.

Access all the details here now, and I look forward to seeing your application come through.

And don’t miss that interview with Michelle I mentioned above!



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