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Our meetings in NYC…

I’m here with Brett and my assistant Erika in NYC for several meetings this week. It’s a quick trip as we want to get back to the kids this weekend, and I am already missing the Arizona heat! (It’s unseasonably cold in New York right now, and I had to dig out my limited pairs of closed toe shoes from my closet.)

I have a few updates for you about a few things you may be interested in…

1. My latest episode of #GlambitionRadio is LIVE featuring my friend Reagan Moya-Jones, founder of Aden+Anais, who makes those incredible muslin baby blankets (you know the ones if you’ve had a baby in the last 10 years). But she’s back with some big news… after taking on new VC partners, she was unceremoniously fired from her own company.

She shared all the juicy details on the show, and I have to say I have even more respect for this woman than I did prior, which says a lot. She shares how and where she found the money to build her company, how she juggled working full-time and parenting four daughters while growing the business, plus what happened when she made what she calls ‘the single biggest mistake I’ve ever made.’ You can hear our incredible conversation here. 

2. I’m planning a trip to LONDON in September for business and have openings for two VIP Consultation Days while I’m in the UK. If you’re interested in learning more, please complete the brief form here and be sure to mention London. Jen on my team will reach out to you.

If you’re in the UK/Europe, this is a great opportunity to get my private consulting without having to travel far. Clients have used these days to map out how to best scale their current model (without implosion), position themselves for higher-end fees and clients, plan their next level of growth, drive a creative ‘sharp right turn’, or birth a whole new brand that matches where they’re really feeling called right now, among other objectives. We’ll set an agenda based on your needs.

Please note I specialize in supporting leaders whose businesses are generating (or on track for) 7-8 figure revenues per year, however lower revenues can be a good fit if there is evidence of a strong platform and growth potential. If you’re not sure, we’re happy to talk with you to see if it’s a fit.

3. We are about to open applications for ICONIC 3.0, happening on Nov. 5+6, 2019 here in Phoenix, AZ. ICONIC is an advanced workshop for women leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the launch hamster wheel and now truly step into their great work, creating the most powerful chapter of their careers.

If you’re tired of seeing the same formulas taught over and over (and that don’t work anymore), you will love how I work, the leaders I attract, and the breakthroughs this process creates. Get ready for a fresh perspective, incomparable positioning, and hugely profitable possibilities.

Because in past years we’ve SOLD OUT within weeks… even days… I have a feeling seats won’t be available for long when we open fully. So I suggest you get on the Priority Notification List here – then you’ll have an early chance to see full details and reserve your spot beginning this coming Monday, May 20.



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