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Private call next week…

This is a quick update, as well as a special invitation for you or a powerful woman leader you know…

A few of my private Premier clients flew in to meet this week here in Arizona, and we all agreed it was SO good to gather in person! While several could not make this trip, it was so worth it to connect face to face. We celebrated some big accomplishments, including one of these rockstars closing a recent million-dollar deal.

These leaders also all happen to be members of The Trust, my new network for 7+8-figure female leaders, with the elevated conversations, connections, and camaraderie you’ve been yearning for. Yesterday, we were chatting over drinks that while this was a crazy year, it has also been exactly the right year to grow this powerful circle of high-achieving women who are making a big impact.

>>> The conversations we are having behind closed doors are changing the worlds outside of them.

We’ve had a strong start in 2020 and are seeking additional powerful women leaders who want to be part of something very special.

>>> Next week I will be hosting a special **Closed-door Informational Session ** on Tuesday, December 8 at Noon ET / 9am PT to share more details about The Trust, its benefits, and all our upcoming events (both live and virtual).

And if you are a female entrepreneur with annual revenues at $1M+, I invite you to join me to learn more.

Current members of The Trust lead businesses with annual revenues averaging at $5 million and stretching up to $50 million. That’s impressive enough, but it’s the stellar quality of these women and the level of our conversations, connections, and generosity that is really standing out for all of us.

We enjoy time with Special Guest Advisors who are founders of companies typically generating $100 million+ in annual sales. Past and upcoming guests include Ellen Latham, cofounder of the $1 Billion company Orangetheory Fitness and Kara Goldin, founder + CEO of the $150M company Hint Inc.

And that’s just the start. There’s a lot more I’d love to share with you, but I’d really love to talk you through it personally. So, if you qualify, please reserve your spot at

And if you’re not ready for The Trust (yet!), please forward this to a woman you know who could benefit from a new circle of powerful women leaders.


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