Dao Jensen, Founder + CEO of Kaizen Technology Partners — Glambition® Radio Episode 240 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Dao Jensen, Founder + CEO of Kaizen Technology Partners — Glambition® Radio Episode 240 with Ali Brown

Dao Jensen on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Times of disruption can have an uncanny effect on redirecting our attention and priorities. And if you’ve suddenly been made aware of a new mission for your business during this year’s upheaval, then you’ll resonate with our guest today…

Dao Jenson is the Founder + CEO of San Francisco-based Kaizen Technology Partners (KTP). Created in 2013 as the first 100% female minority-owned company born in the ‘Cloud’, KTP helps Fortune 500 Enterprise clients strategize and optimize their cloud platforms and technology solutions.

That’s all cool enough, but it’s Dao’s mission to close our country’s educational gap via technology that I found most interesting and relevant for the year of 2020.

On Glambition Radio, you’ll learn how Dao’s early career in tech sales was a far cry from the ‘lawyer path’ her entrepreneurial, immigrant parents hoped she would pursue… but justice has remained a steady thread throughout her career—especially over the past six months.

Dao’s mission at Kaizen has evolved from helping large enterprises manage their cloud platforms to now also assisting to optimize kids’ access to education in less advantaged areas. (As a mom of 7-year-old-twins, I found Dao’s perspective on these current challenges facing our nation very enlightening.)

KTP has earned several prestigious awards during its five years of operation, including being the #1 Cloud reseller in the Nation in the first year of business, the #7 Fastest-Growing Private IT Services Company in the USA by Inc.; and one of the Top 100 Women Bay Area Owned Companies by the San Francisco Times; among many others. In less than seven years, Dao has grown the company to $20 million in sales, so this entrepreneur knows what she’s talking about!

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • The stark geographic and economic realities that helped Dao hone in on her professional mission (have you begun paying attention to similar previously overlooked details as well?)
  • The importance of male connections and how their input can help nudge you into greater success AND better ideas (I appreciated this refreshing perspective!)
  • What to watch for as you navigate the growing divide between physical devices and WiFi availability, the ‘Cloud’ and physical libraries, and true education versus agendas… (times really are changing…)
  • And (sorry but this was my personal favorite ;)) … How Dao found her soulmate during COVID quarantine! This proves you CAN attract what you want, even when things look different

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