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Sharks, Magic, and Mommy-Guilt Meltdowns…

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A bit about these episodes…

* Janine Allis – She’s a shark on Australia’s Shark Tank show, and her Boost Juice franchise is now in 20 countries. But Janine Allis has been through many adventures to find her success. She taught candle making in San Francisco, worked as a nanny in France, sold timeshares in Spain, and played hostess on David Bowie’s yacht before she became one of the top entrepreneurs in Australia.

* Jessica Shortall – Author of Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide To Breastfeeding And Going Back To Work for a humorous and deep conversation on motherhood, purpose, careers, and having a mommy-guilt meltdown in Target (um… that was mine). This former Director of Giving for Tom’s Shoes is bringing a new mission and hope to new moms everywhere. Seriously you are going to LOVE this one.

* Samantha Brown – You’ve seen her on the Travel Channel for nearly 15 years now, but you’ve never known her like you will on this week’s Glambition Radio. I had Sam go “behind the scenes” into her story, her incredible career, what travel REALLY means to her, and how her new twins (boy-girl and same age as mine!) have changed her life. And she dishes about her NEW Travel Channel show #50/50.

* Tory Johnson – Tory Johnson had a beautiful family, full bank account, a regular gig on Good Morning America, and lost 60 pounds. She seemed on top of the world. With all her goals met, she sat back and “waited for happiness to arrive”. When it didn’t, she turned her focus within and made a Shift for Good (which is the title of her new book)!

* Lee Milteer – Have you noticed there’s a kind of magic in truly successful people? My friend Lee Milteer—an expert in business and the metaphysical—has found a way to tap into that magic. The good news is you already have it.

* Tara Mohr – A lot of us struggle with our inner critics—they keep us small, when what we want to live bigger, better lives. Tara Mohr author of the bestseller Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message has found a way to help women entrepreneurs quiet the negative voices, get real, and step into a new age of financial and personal power.

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