Squatty Potty, financial power, and stepping into your destiny… - Glambition Radio

Squatty Potty, financial power, and stepping into your destiny…

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I’m honored the show has now been recognized by both Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines as a must listen podcast for entrepreneurs. And this show is also my favorite venture of all time.

These latest 6 episodes share the powerful stories of these amazing women founders, creators, and leaders. Keep reading below for descriptions…

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A bit about these episodes…  

Judy Edwards – You’ve seen the infamous pooping unicorn ad. You’ve heard people talking about how it’s changed their lives. You may own one—or several—like I do. But you won’t TRULY understand how the Squatty Potty has become such a product phenomenon—nearing $100 MILLION in sales—until you hear this fascinating conversation I had with its creator, who is also a mom of seven! 

* Claire Zammit – Do you feel as if your “song” is still unsung? A calling to BE more and DO more for the world? Even if you’ve already been developing yourself and your career for years? Then you need to meet my friend Claire. Because there’s a profound awakening happening for millions of women like us, and on this episode we walk you through it and her Feminine Power teachings, which over 30,000 women have graduated from. A conversation not to be missed, where she and I both crack open the future.

Alex Friedman – Along with her co-founder Jordana Kier, she’s created LOLA: the first-ever organic tampon subscription service, and it’s been going gangbusters since its launch in 2015. You’ll hear though they didn’t know the first thing about launching a feminine products company, so they figured it out step by step, and explain how they got so many subscribers as soon as possible. LOLA has been named to Entrepreneur’s 2016 100 Brilliant Companies list and CNBC’s 2017 Upstart 25 list.

Farnoosh Torabi – This new-generation money expert featured in “O” magazineand on CNBC isn’t going to tell you how to clip coupons or save money on gas. But she IS about learning to be smart with money and enjoy a “rich” life. Learn how she got her “So Money” podcast up to 100,000 downloads a MONTH as soon as possible, and enjoy a candid discussion on how couple dynamics change when “she makes more”. This is one money expert who gets what we need and you’ll actually enjoy listening to!

Jennifer Maggiore – There are two billion social media users today, and we’re expected to reach nearly three billion by 2020. My client Jenn was one of the few who got it right away. First, years ago, she put the new media to work when she took a women’s racing apparel line on the Web after selling it under a tent at the racetrack, and built it into a business she eventually sold. Today she is founder and CEO of Red Balloon Social Media, an award-winning digital agency, and she’ll share some of her best tips on what’s working and not on this episode.

Keri Murphy – She said her lines, they said “thank you”, and she left in tears. She was emotional — not because she performed poorly, but because at that moment she knew she would NEVER again put herself in a position like this, where someone else decided her destiny. (You’ll hear what happened on the show.) From that moment on, Keri’s life began to shift, because she owned it. And you’ll hear how she took herself from bankruptcy to brilliance and created her Inspired Living brand and trainings.

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