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Judy Edwards, Creator of Squatty Potty — Glambition Radio Episode 115 with Ali Brown

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You’ve seen the infamous pooping unicorn ad. You’ve heard people talking about how it’s changed their lives. You may own one—or several—like I do. But you won’t TRULY understand how the Squatty Potty has become such a product phenomenon—nearing $100 MILLION in sales—until you hear this conversation I had with its creator Judy Edwards.

At age 60, this mom of seven (!!!) had the idea for a proper-pooping positioning stool after years of health issues. Along with her husband and son,they started in 2011 with a simple wood prototype they put together in their neighbor’s garage. Their initial goal was just to subsidize their retirement income. Today, Squatty Potty is continuing its fast growth and sees no sign of slowing down.

Why is it doing so well? Because it’s truly life changing for those who use it. People are finally realizing it’s much better for your body to have your knees up high when you’re on the can. Judy explains anatomically why, but trust me—I discovered her product myself when pregnant with my twins. My sister said “You’ve GOT to get a Squatty Potty!” and linked me to one Amazon. And today we’ve got the whole family hooked.

On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, Judy tells the tale of how they made each decision in building Squatty Potty along the way, including their wins, mistakes, and bumps in the road.

On the show, you’ll hear:

* How the pooping unicorn video came to be, why they spent $250,000 on it, and what the final results were
* The call from Dr. Oz that Judy’s husband first thought was a crank call (and what he said to get them to buzz off!)
* The simple way they got the word out about Squatty Potty in the beginning without spending tons of ad dollars (and it worked tremendously well)
* Why even after selling a million units they decided to appear on Shark Tank and give away some equity (and what the results were)
* What they decided to do with their newest ad featuring Kathy Griffin… after she lost her mind and posted that grotesque photo. 🙁
* How Judy and her husband are celebrating their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary along with all their children… just amazing

Whether you’re looking to learn how to market a retail product as successfully as they have, or just poop better, I know you’ll get a lot out of this episode. So head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

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